Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1 Hour Conte Girl

1 hour figure drawing study of a girl. Done in conte.

Beta Comic

This is my Beta Comic I did for my graphic novel class. Sketched and painted in Photoshop.
Will probably work on it a bit more when I have some free time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thales Smith Digital Painting WIP

A digital painting I am working on in Photoshop right now. Here it is with the reference photo.

This is the latest version of the painting with more blending and I also softened the shadows a bit.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"M" with some Color

I am trying to learn a bit more about coloring and painting in PSCS5. This is a preliminary version. hopefully I will have time to work it out some more.

"M" Sketch in Ink

A sketch of my friend Meredith I did in my sketchbook with ink the other day.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My New Vimeo Site

Hey I just made a Vimeo site for my videos and demo reels and what not.
You can find it here.


I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grapic Novel Survey

This is an Assignment survey for my Graphic Novel class I am taking this semester. It is a basic survey about myself and my relations with graphic novels and comic books. I am really excited about this class. I didn't think I would ever have the opportunity to take a class like this in college. I feel like I have a lot to learn about the subject I feel so passionately about and I believe this is a great opportunity to do so.

1. Outside of school and your comics, have you written any fiction or non-fiction? Do you like to read prose fiction or non-fiction?

No I am not much of a writer, some people say I am pretty good at it but I have never really enjoyed it and I have always disliked papers and writing assignments. But I eventually man up and do them ;)

If I have the opportunity read I usually read graphic novels or comic books, but I have read a few books in my life. I also like to read self-improvement and information books, so I guess those count as non-fiction. Also I love audio books. They are sometimes easier for me to follow and pay attention to.

2. Would you say you have a good awareness of the history of American comics?

I would say that I have a pretty good knowledge of Super hero comics and a little Indie and manga knowledge. Other than that I am pretty much a novice I would say. I am a bigger fan of the characters and stories from my favorite comic book universes, first of all Marvel and then DC.

3. Off the top of your head, could you name 5 artists who worked in comics before 1980? Do you have a favorite?

Oh wow tough question, seeing that I was born in '84, Haha all my answers will be really mainstream. But I will take the challenge.

1. Stan Lee (of course)
2. Jack Kirby
3. Jerry Siegel
4. Frank Miller
5. Joe Shuster

(totally used Google to get the spellings right but I know who they are ha)
Do I still win?

4. Could you name 5 artists who work or worked in newspaper comics?

Ooooo questions are getting harder. I'll try though.

1. Charles Schultz
2. Jim Davis
3. Bill Waterton
4. Bill Amends
5. Gary Larson

5. Could you name any contemporary cartoonists from Europe? Do you have a favorite?

Nope, sorry :(

6. Could you name any contemporary manga artists from Japan? Do you have a favorite?

Yeah blank again.

7. Do you read European comics?

Nope not really, I would if I found something I liked.

8. Do you read any manga?

I used to a little back when I was a teen, but mostly Anime has been my biggest connection to Japanese culture and art.

9. Do you regularly draw in a sketchbook or write in a journal?

Yes, I try to draw in it every day. Sometimes it works and sometimes it even looks good.

10. Would you say you have a good working ability to drawing with brush and ink? If so, how long have you used a brush? What types?

Ink yes but I don't like to start off with it if I can, I like to flesh things out in pencil first. I need to get more confident with my stroke and my line and then I think I will improve more with Ink. I use a number of different pens, pretty much what I have with me at the time. I have had some experience with brushes and paint but mostly digital painting.

11. Which magazines or websites do you regularly read in order to get comics news?

Well I try to keep up with the Marvel and DC sites, but other then that I mostly hear stuff word of mouth from friends.

12. Which magazines or websites do you regularly read in order to get news of current events?

Mostly just the news shows or newspapers. But I think the news is usually depressing so I don't actively search it out.

13. Do you go to comic book conventions or festivals? If so--which ones?

I have never been to one, but I would love to attend one. I have been wanting to go to ComicCon for about ten years now but I never have the time or the money.

14. Have you ever sat through a portfolio review with a professional editor? If so, could you briefly sum up their message for you?

Not with an editor, but I have been through many portfolio reviews with teachers, professors and classmates.

15. Have you ever had your work published? If so, where?

Yes, once. I got a figure drawing published in an annual artists periodical at UVU when I was attending there. it was pretty cool for me.

16. How long have you been drawing?

As long as I can remember. probably since I could hold a pencil or pen.

17. Do you like to go to museums? Do you have any favorite "fine" artists, either living or dead? Film directors?

Yes I enjoy going to museums a lot actually, It's a good date activity, it filters out the non-artistic/boring/uncultured girls. I have way too many film directors to name them all.

18. Would you think it could be useful or beneficial to watch a film or films as a group and discuss it afterward as it may relate to comics? Do you have a recommendation for such a film?

Yes I think it would definitely be useful and beneficial, very much so. Especially movies that have been adapted from comics and graphic novels or films that have inspired them. There are many things that could be discussed. As for recommendations I would say any comic book movies, animation, or any movies really. "Sin City" and "300" are successful adaptations in my opinion.

19. What ethnographic background do you have and how confident are you in acting as an expert of resource of that background?

Well I am mostly just an American white boy, but if you want to know what its like I can probably answer any questions you have.

20. What comic or book or movie have you read/seen at least 5 times? And 10 times?

5 times? that is a lot for me ha. I have probably seen certain movies at least five times, but I don't know of any off the top of my head right now.... oh wait, " Avatar", I have seen that more then five times I believe.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kiss Me Kill Me T-Shirt Design Final Designs

These are the final designs for the Kiss Me Kill Me band t-shirts.

Kiss Me Kill Me T-Shirt Design Thumbnail Sketches

These are three thumbnail t-shirt designs I did for my friends band Kiss Me Kill Me. I did about 40 different designs and these are the ones they chose.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final Rhettro

The final draft for a commission I did for my friend Rhett. Done in PhotoShop.

Rhettro Sketch

A Preliminary sketch for a commission for one of my friends Rhett. Done with highlight marker and ink.